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WHAT is an asset?

QUIZ: it’s 2016; “what’s an asset?”

Hint—only a hard-wired accountant will suggest that tangibles, like factories and machinery are the assets that matter.

Yes, land, location, air, water and mineral rights still count, so do patents, but, today most business strategists suggest that less tangible entities are what matter most: processes and practices, brand equity, customers, and employees.

And of these, employees are the most important because they create all the others.

And, of all employees, leaders are key.

WHAT is a leader?

It turns out there is no current agreed-upon definition of leadership. That’s because each situation that requires leadership is always a joint function of the problem, the followers, and the leader. And no two situations are ever identical.

So, of course, there is no such thing as a leadership personality or a leadership style.

Sometimes a leader is the one who does—whether they have the right title or not.

And sometimes a leader is the one who must—whether they are prepared to or not.

Leadership can be hereditary, consensus-derived, elected, earned via tenure or achieved via disciplined effort. In a sense the method of role-adoption doesn’t matter.

That’s why Theodore Roosevelt could famously advise: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

What does matter is whether the leader is effective. Are the followers mobilized to solve the problem? How good is the solution? How timely is the solution? How lasting?

The Role of the John Behr Group

It turns out that talent can be spotted. And talent can be nurtured. And it can be coached—to achieve even more or to achieve a result more easily or to keep achieving results.

For 25 years now this is what the John Behr Group has done:
  • Identify leadership talent via thorough assessment that combines well-established, grounded and proven quantitative tools (some proprietary to the John Behr Group) and incomparable personal interviewing. Our philosophy is that quantitative assessment is never good enough by itself. Its value improves when enhanced via a sensitive, richly-experienced analyst and counselor. BTW: JBG has learned that timely reporting heightens the impact and utility of the assessment effort.
  • Training individuals and teams to enhance performance.
  • And deeply personal, innovative and insightful coaching, the hallmark offering of our firm. This coaching leads to creative, often strategic, breakthroughs for the leader, which gain strength from the breadth and depth of JBG’s experience.

JBG has seen the benefits of this so often that we have made it our point of differentiation: From the Insight Out™.

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