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Here’s a way to think about the work we do at JBG. A former executive, who we coached, said: “The value gained from the coaching could be likened to taking a car in for service to a credible technician, with good experience, good diagnostic equipment, and good solutions.” He added: “The biggest thing was a willingness to listen fully and to understand what was being said and to draw the answers out, not prescribe them…”

Assessment and Training

Representative JBG selection and training assignments include:

  • An ongoing engagement assessing candidates for senior-level leadership roles for a major energy corporation in such locales as Alaska, Texas, Indonesia, and Trinidad.

  • Assessing a team of sales executives for purposes of development and succession planning for a leading pharmaceutical company.

  • Evaluating all potential new leadership hires for one of the world’s leaders in alternative energy to ensure organizational fit and effectiveness.

  • An ongoing assignment appraising candidates for senior-level leadership roles for a major US nuclear energy utility.

  • For a major US financial institution, evaluating senior talent within newly acquired companies for purposes of determining talent gaps and opportunities and merging talent into the parent organization.

  • Consulting with the U.S. State Department to conduct hundreds of psychological evaluations to screen American police leaders desiring to serve in rebuilding the law enforcement infrastructures in Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor and Qatar.

  • When the Federal Government took on the challenge of restructuring the Chicago Housing Authority, JBG redesigned the CHA’s leadership development initiative, creating numerous programs for the progressive development of senior management.


Below are a few representative coaching assignments. Be sure to notice the common elements: global assignments, senior level executives including Country Heads and C-suite personnel, assignments spanning years. And be sure to notice that most assignments also required solutions to unique problems across many different business sectors. JBG does not believe in cookie-cutter solutions; no two organizations are identical, nor are their leaders, nor their problems.

  • For a wholly government-owned international oil and gas company in Asia JBG coached several C-Suite executives. Based on specific client needs, in addition to traditional leadership development, these six-month engagements also emphasized work-life balance as well as physical and “spiritual” health.

  • For a major global IT consulting company with headquarters in Europe, JBG coached three newly promoted Country Heads over three years. Coaching focus: to balance team strengths and alignment and to increase intra-cultural adaptability. Outcome: two of the Country Heads successfully transitioned into their roles and the third was promoted to COO.

  • At the request of the Board of Directors, JBG coached the CFO of a major US energy company. Coaching focus: strengthen strategic orientation, enhance team play and refine leadership skills. Outcome: CFO improved in relevant individual developmental areas and learned to better focus on leveraging strengths.

  • Coached a newly promoted CEO of a major US manufacturing corporation as it transitioned toward a global presence with facilities in India, China, Brazil, and Australia. Coaching focus: although a powerful change agent, the CEO demonstrated significant challenges with control, a micro-management inclination, and anger management and was quickly alienating subordinates. In fact, he was jeopardizing his employment. Outcome: across a 12-month coaching engagement, the CEO dramatically improved his powers of introspection, gained perspective on his need for control and learned to express his anger more constructively.

  • For a major global HR consulting firm, JBG served as external coach for six SVPs. Coaching focus: intensive leadership counseling. As a matter of policy, on being promoted to SVP, every executive is required to undergo six months of rigorouscoaching. Outcome: This is an ongoing contract and the client relationship has lasted nine years.

  • At the request of the Board of Directors, JBG coached both the CEO and President of a major US financial institution. Coaching focus: while both were very high performers, they had great difficulty communicating with each other and had caused the Board to conclude that one of these executives would need to leave the organization. Outcome: through a behavioral intervention, both the CEO and President were able to negotiate an approach to communicating that worked; both executives remained with the organization.

  • JBG coached a newly-hired, transgendered Chief Technology Officer for a major household brand internet retailer. Coaching focus: the CTO and eight direct report VPs needed to recognize and accept both male and female managerial characteristics. Outcome: the coaching engagement lasted 18 months and now, a few years later, the client continues to lead technology and has demonstrated significant progress in fitting into the organization . . . and is now a C-Suite executive.

  • In a large national nonprofit organization, JBG coached the President and one of her EVPs, two women of differing races. Coaching focus: the President, a Caucasian woman, needed to build sensitivity in her approach to the EVP, an African American woman. The Board had been considering both for termination. Outcome: after six months of aggressive coaching, communication significantly improved and both executives were able to remain in their positions.

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