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Mission and Philosophy

The core of our philosophy is that business is a human endeavor, driven by human needs, desires and motivations. Customers are people; employees are people; the executive cadre is people; the owners are people. No matter how technical, complex, new or old the business, ultimately its success or failure comes down to what people want and what people do. An organization needs the right people, in the right job, at the right time—whether by selecting those right people or “making” them through guided development.

People are what the John Behr Group understands.

Our belief, supported by 25 years of experience, is that people who are effective and energized in their work make for successful and profitable companies.

And we view it as our responsibility to make sure that the right people are in place for your organization.

John Behr, PhD
Executive Consultant
Industrial Psychologist

Chicago July, 2016

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