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Over the past 25 years, the large majority of JBG’s revenues, not surprisingly, has derived from corporate assignments. Less well-known, however, is that, on occasion, we also counsel individuals.

There are several reasons a private party might wish to engage us.

The most common reason is that career-minded people want to understand their strengths and weaknesses and work to improve. This actually is a reasonable way of behaving.

Also common is that individuals are confronting a specific challenge or choice in their career—that is, it’s not a fishing expedition about strengths/weaknesses. It might be a question such as whether to take a promotion about which they have reservations. Or it could be a specific personal/behavioral concern like influencing upwards. It might be just one relationship that is causing problems (that is, not a pattern of poor relationships, but one that’s not working). People sometimes need clarity or problem-solving on a single limited issue.

Another frequently cited reason is to be “armed” with the same information that an employer has. Corporations are not required to share the assessment data they obtain and some don’t; or they may only share partial data. For example, in pre-employment assessments, it would be rare for a prospective employer to share information with rejected prospects or even with those who are finally hired. Further, even if the evaluated person does receive a copy of the results, it does not mean they know how an employer might interpret the findings. In these situations a private individual can hire JBG for an assessment, duplicating what an employer might do. Only now the individual is the client and receives the counsel.

Finally, it has been our experience that it really is quite rare to encounter an executive needing coaching in a specific area, say, anger management, who doesn’t already know s/he may have a problem. Rather than be held back in a promising career, they initiate their own coaching program with JBG.

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