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  • “. . . offered many coaching ideas to help me become a better leader. He was very sincere in his recommendations and was careful to tailor his suggestions to align with my strengths and to also challenge my weaknesses . . . . My coaching session provided a constructive boost of confidence that I needed at the time.”

  • “. . . feedback was very specific and insightful. He helped unearth some nuanced characteristics that were helpful for me to better understand and work through. He developed a strong sense of my skills and leadership quickly and effectively, which helped us focus our energies in the right places to do very good work together. He was an invaluable source of insight for me and an enormous pleasure to work with. I see him as an ongoing resource in my development as a leader and look forward to finding an opportunity to work together again.”

  • “The gaps, weaknesses and interpersonal preferences you uncovered pointed out that previously we may have been looking at the wrong performance improvement opportunities.”

  • “Your process of mapping, accessing and teaching us how to use key indicators of success to improve our key personnel processes and, therefore, our organization, has allowed us to move forward in an effective and efficient manner.”

  • . . . allowed me to better understand the strengths and development opportunities of each of my staff and the needs of our organization. The process you used was thorough, accurate and unveiled important competencies that we needed to focus on to develop our staff.”

  • “Prior to your involvement, several of our senior staff, although highly competent professionals, experienced difficulty in sharing and participating in a collective vision. You allowed us to cohesively pursue a common viewpoint and set of goals.”

  • “. . . organizational development work greatly elevated my team’s joint work accomplishments. . . . helped me shepherd a group of strong-minded, experienced functional experts toward common goals.”

  • “Through better relationship building and in elevating trust in one another. . . helped my teams accomplish what, at the outset, seemed insurmountable.”

  • “. . . rare combination of deep expertise in organizational psychology and a very friendly, open approach to solving real business problems.”

  • “. . . provides what we all need: an outside perspective to inside chatter.”

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