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Coaching and Managing a Younger Workforce

Inc Magazine published an excellent article on coaching and managing in June. It noted that, according to extensive Gallup research, younger generations in today’s workforce “want work with deep purpose and coaches who inspire and help develop their strengths”. Citing the same research, the author wrote that “people want coaches, not managers.”

The article goes on to include useful suggestions for structuring coaching interactions with direct reports.

What’s not covered, however, are some of the keys to developing an effective coaching relationship with direct reports, including

• Becoming an effective listener

• Assuming positive intentions when listening to direct reports

• Asking open-ended questions

• Developing trust by being open

I discuss these techniques in depth, as well as other factors that may come into play in the coaching relationship, in my post, “How Bosses Can Be Effective Coaches”.

Of course, some executives and managers will be better coaches than others, but even those who are not predisposed to coaching or not convinced of its value can follow a checklist of best practices that will help them be more effective.

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