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How LeaderBridge™ Works

It can sometimes be difficult for organizational leaders to find internal peers who are willing to provide honest, useful feedback. External peers can often provide support and perspective that internal colleagues cannot.

Many leaders, however, have trouble finding external counterparts who have the background and experience to be truly supportive. LeaderBridge™ is a platform for leaders to anonymously communicate with other leaders worldwide. Users are able to ask questions, share answers, broaden perspectives, and uncover unique solutions.

LeaderBridge™ allows leaders to locate each other and communicate freely, without organizational, cultural, or geographic limitations.

Connecting Through Ideas

LeaderBridge™ connects leaders through a user-directed matching system. Members configure their individual profile—without including their names, photos, or employers—by indicating the specific demographics they are comfortable displaying to other members, ranging from industry to expertise.

Individual leaders create a question and then use demographic filters to direct this question only to those most likely to provide a useful answer. Other leaders can accept or decline any question they receive.

Users can also indicate if they would be interested in a continued conversation with their connections. If both sides agree, users are granted access to take the conversation into a separate, in-depth discussion.

Direct Messaging 

Members can also simply search for a user who meets specific demographics and then ask that leader to enter straight into a chat without any initial question-and-answer exchange.

Once the communication finishes, either through Q&A or direct messaging, leaders can stay connected through the history of the conversations that remain in their inbox.

Accessibility Anywhere

By actively seeking, vetting, and verifying a broad range of organizational leaders, LeaderBridge™ allows users to anonymously connect with peers from an unlimited range of industries, geographies, cultures, and perspectives.


Unlike most networking platforms, LeaderBridge™ allows its users to anonymously match and share insights, not as a way of avoiding accountability, but to facilitate a non-threatening, safe space for easing into conversation around potentially sensitive topics.

Although user names, photos, or employers are never displayed, users may also exercise “profile anonymity” on the platform by controlling when others see the published portions of their profiles as well as what demographics they see.

Thorough Vetting of Users

Potential new members are validated by providing information confirming their professional identity, and once qualified, the user may enter LeaderBridge™. Any and all information provided during the vetting process will remain private and inaccessible to other users. LeaderBridge™ ensures that leaders can connect anonymously, confidentially, and without risk.

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Also, if you haven’t already signed up for the LeaderBridge™ launch, feel free to go to and provide your contact information. You may also simply email me at and provide your name and email. I will be sure to notify you when we launch the platform in early October.