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Overcoming the Primary Obstacles to Connecting with External Peers

The main roadblock to getting input from leaders in other organizations is the difficulty of locating the right person to talk to, coupled with understandable concerns about sharing internal issues with someone you don’t know well.

Imagine, however, that any time you had a problem or idea you wanted candid feedback on you could connect with an external peer who was not only a leader like yourself, but might—depending on your preference—be in the same position, be in the same industry, have particular skills, or have faced similar challenges or opportunities.

Then imagine that you could not only find one or more or even a number of external peers who fall within your chosen parameters but also engage them at low risk because neither you nor the other person would know the other’s identity beyond, say, title, industry, and possibly gender.

Imagine further that you could have either a one-off exchange of messages or single online chat and have that be the end of the interaction or be free to pursue the dialogue and probe more deeply into the issues involved. You could even choose to develop an ongoing connection that you might return to in the future when new challenges arise, while still maintaining anonymity—unless you both agree to disclose your identities.

All these opportunities are available through the online LeaderBridge™ platform, which allows you to connect with a variety of other leaders who are vetted to be who they say they are, You can engage them anonymously and develop, if you choose, beneficial ongoing relationships.

If you think LeaderBridge™ could be a valuable tool for connecting with external peers, you can learn more about it and sign up for the launch at