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Timely Connections with External Peers

You want to talk to a peer outside of your company because you have an issue you aren’t ready to discuss internally. But none of your current outside connections fit in terms of experience or skill areas.

You’d like to find the right person fairly quickly, and you know that networking through your connections can take weeks or longer and be hit or miss in terms of whom you come up with. Even though your concern may not be urgent, you still don’t want to wait weeks only to find that your new connection can’t provide the input you were looking for.

Now LeaderBridge™ gives you a way to get objective input—if need be from more than one external peer at the same time–relatively quickly. Although you may not always find this person immediately, more often than not it will be within a few days. And you’re able to target only potential respondents who meet your specified criteria in terms of position, industry, country, and experience.

LeaderBridge™ interactions are less risky because you reach out anonymously. This also leaves you free to ignore any responses that don’t seem useful—and free to follow up with those that are more promising while still, if you choose, ending the discussion at any point.

You can access LeaderBridge™ day or night, and you have the option of broadcasting a query to the entire membership, a large section of it, or only a very few members whose profiles are within the parameters you’ve set.

Finally, unlike other platforms or forums, you can be confident that all members who respond have already been vetted to be senior leaders in sizable organizations.

If you think LeaderBridge™ could be a valuable tool for connecting with external peers, you can learn more about it and sign up for the launch at