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An Array of Options for Connecting with External Peers

You have an idea or a problem that you’d like to discuss with someone outside your organization, but for this particular topic none of your current outside connections appear to be promising sources.

Even if you were fortunate enough to find someone new who would be more appropriate based on their experience, skill set, position, industry, or location, you may not know them well enough to trust them. You may be concerned that you’ll end up giving out more information than you want to about your organization.

LeaderBridge™ solves this problem by enabling you to connect with other members who fit your criteria and letting you do so anonymously. In addition, it offers you a range of options for pursuing those anonymous connections.

  • You can send a question to a large number of other members who have chosen to make available profile information that fits your preferences with regard to their skill set, position, industry, location, and other attributes. Some of the responses you receive may be helpful in themselves, but you’re also free to follow up with one or more individuals whose responses suggest they may have more to offer, while all parties remain anonymous for as long both of you choose.
  • You can be more selective, sending your question to only one other member or to a few that fall within your criteria. Then, based on the responses you receive, you may choose to rephrase the question and send it to another small group of potential respondents. And, if need be, you can repeat the process.
  • If you want, you can follow up on any response by requesting a chat to pursue a real-time dialogue, while still remaining anonymous.
  • You don’t have to worry about replying to any responses you receive. This means you can broach ideas that you’re just beginning to consider or might seem far-fetched.

None of these options are time-consuming. You ask your question and choose from filters to narrow the segment of members you send it to. If you don’t hear back immediately, you check in from time to time to see who has responded.

If you think LeaderBridge™ could be a valuable tool for connecting with external peers, you can learn more about it and sign up for the launch at