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New Year Resolutions all leaders can consider

New Year Resolution Leaders

Most leaders like working with goals in mind. They often like to resolve to do something and put their all into achieving that. But why should leaders make new year resolutions? Is there a way for leaders to consider resolutions as a way of making the world a better place?

In theory, making resolutions can help not just the leader, but others too.

There isn’t a prescriptive method to use to make resolutions as a leader. Leaders are unique, and thus their resolutions will be unique. Leaders have unique perspectives, unique problems, strengths and weaknesses, and thus your New Year Resolutions will differ from any other leaders.

Instead of simply listing what resolutions you can consider, we want to invite you to write down the resolutions that matter to you as a person and as a leader. You may take into consideration what matters to your organization too. Answer this: Who are you and what do you want in life and work in 2022?

This is your moment to think. Keep your organization in mind, and write down what they need from you. From this list you come up with, understand what actions you can take to get there. At John Behr Group, we prefer to push our executives to think, rather than give you the answers upfront. If you dig within yourself, you hold most of the answers yourself.

We know that we’re well into January and you have likely already made (and perhaps broken) your New Year’s Resolutions, but we are here to encourage you to consider making some leadership based promises that could overhaul your outlook on life or work.

Within this blog, we look at some common metrics, as a way to bring value to your organization. You may use this as inspiration for coming up with your own resolutions.


As a leader of a business, you must model accountability to hold others accountable too. It works both ways. You can use this a resolution to help your organization to stay accountable. Give your team the autonomy they require to solve problems so that they can take ownership of them. As a result you will see them embrace the responsibility and stay accountable for the work they produce. Accountability can be used as a positive force to help the team perform better.

Build Trust through relationship building

We know you have deadlines to meet and revenues to drive, but do not underestimate the benefits of putting relationships first. This year, make it an official New Year’s Resolution to prioritize your relationships with your team and you’ll be surprised by how driven they become to work well on your behalf.

In a recent survey, 71% of executives said that engaging with their employees is vital to their company success. Clearly this is not a new concept.

But since retaining staff is cited as more difficult than hiring new employees for 63.3% of companies surveyed, and with 69% of employees saying they would work harder if they felt better appreciated, there’s something missing between leaders acknowledging the importance of relationships and employees moving on.

This year, prioritize a solid effort to make your employees feel appreciated and you might find your staff retention rates are greatly improved.

Better communication

Great leaders are also great communicators. As a leader, you need to be an effective communicator in a number of relationships at the organizational level, in communities and groups, and sometimes on a global scale in order to achieve results through others.

Also, remember, good communicators are also good listeners. When you listen well, you gain a clear understanding of another’s perspective and knowledge.

Be more open to feedback

Leaders also need to be open to receiving feedback, good or bad – if they want to truly nurture a culture of communication. Your employees may not voluntarily give you feedback, for fear of repercussions, which is why you need to make a point to ask for it. Encouraging feedback helps your team members open up and voice their opinions about your leadership, which can serve as a powerful tool for learning and self-awareness.

Great leaders are great learners and you can learn a lot about yourself through feedback. Their never-ending pursuit of information pushes them to constantly improve and sets them apart from the rest. It is worth making a resolution to be open to feedback if we aim to reach our full potential.

John Behr can help you become a better leader

If you’re looking to make resolutions that will help your organization and follow them through John Behr can help. A recognized expert in leadership enhancement, John Behr will help you identify your strengths and limitations, to accelerate your growth and help you face complex challenges as they arise.

For more information or to ask a specific question, please email support@johnbehrgroup.com, or submit the contact form on our website.


WORDS: Saima Omar