Coaching for global leaders and senior executives

Coaching for global leaders and senior executives

John Behr provides individual coaching aimed at

Improving leaders’ effectiveness by identifying their strengths and limitations and helping them develop new competencies to generate more results.

Addressing particular concerns such as helping a senior executive

  • Prepare to meet specific challenges
  • Be more aligned to corporate priorities
  • Develop new approaches to address issues confronting an organization in transition

His clients include major corporations based in the United States, Europe, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Executive assessments

John is called in regularly to do assessments by a number of major global and national companies, helping them make sure they have the right fit for new hires and internal promotions.

He has completed over 3,000 full-scale assessments for more than 100 organizations.

His assessments identify areas of strength for executives to make greater use of and new competencies for them to develop.

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