Leaders face an array of challenges from rapid change and more complex business environments to cross-cultural differences and the need to chart new directions for their company or division.

To help these leaders and other senior executives, John Behr offers one-on-one coaching services that:

  • Build on the executives’ strengths.
  • Identify and help develop new competencies and behaviors that expand their capabilities.
  • Surface foundational issues by creating a relationship of trust that facilitates self-discovery.

When appropriate, he encourages leaders to take a broader view of the impact their actions have and look beyond short-term objectives.

A unique approach to coaching

John doesn’t come to coaching engagements with a set framework or formula. His open-ended, relational approach allows executives to be completely candid, respond to feedback non-defensively, and fully explore their personal strengths and limitations.

His work is founded on:

  • Sound principles of leadership, including the core competencies essential for global leaders and executives facing complex challenges.
  • 26 years of experience coaching leaders from more than 100 organizations, including global and national energy companies, financial service firms, health care providers, pharmaceutical firms, and governmental agencies.
  • Extensive training in the psychological aspects of leadership and the complex nature of senior executive behavior, reinforced not only by his extensive coaching experience but by having conducted thousands of individual assessments of incoming executives and others being considered for promotion.
  • An in-depth understanding of the differences between eastern, western, and regional business cultures, including their diverse leadership styles and corporate decision-making processes.

When warranted, John is able to guide executives through an unfolding process of self-discovery that really “takes”, yielding new mindsets and approaches that improve their effectiveness across a broad range of areas, help their subordinates reach higher levels of performance, and create a more attractive work environment for recruiting millennials.

For more information or questions, contact John Behr at +1 (312) 882-4239
or email support@johnbehrgroup.com